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Gary's new COVID-19 dashboard

New online hub offers extensive info on Gary's COVID-19 battle

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Tracks city's virus infections by age, zip code, and much more

Mayor Jerome A. Prince announced the City of Gary has launched a hub of detailed, easy-to-use information on the city’s website, Gary.gov, providing extensive data on the presence of the COVID-19 virus in Gary.

The City of Gary Health and Human Services hub is available by visiting Gary.Gov and clicking on the “Coronavirus (COVID-19) How to Protect Yourself” banner.

Keeping residents and the general public informed is critical to fighting the disease, Mayor Prince said.

“We are proud and excited to add this hub to our city website, Gary.gov,” Mayor Prince said. “A big part of our fight against the COVID-19 virus will be data driven. It’s important we all have access to information we can use to protect ourselves and our community.”

The hub contains easy-to-use interactive maps and graphs that track how the virus has affected Gary residents across a wide range of measures, from the ages of victims to concentration of cases in Gary’s zip codes and much more.

The hub, which features online dashboard and links to other informational websites, was created by Martin Brown, a data analyst and GIS Manager for the Gary Sanitary District, with help from a number of team members from the Gary Health Department.

Brown has spent countless hours investigating the spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout the City, Lake and Porter Counties, Indiana, the U.S. and the world.

“It’s really important to put this data into perspective, so we can see how Gary fits into the bigger picture of this virus,” Brown said.

The information on the dashboard will be updated daily, combining many streams of data into an online one-stop shop.

For more information on the new City of Gary Health and Human Services hub, contact Michael Gonzalez, City of Gary Communications Director, at (219) 617-0796 or at Magonzalez@Gary.gov.

Story Posted:09/25/2020

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