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COVID-19 update from Indiana State Dept. of Health

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Indiana reports 145,977 diagnosed coronavirus cases

Indpls. — As of October 16, the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) reported 145,977 cases of the coronavirus have been diagnosed through ISDH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and private laboratories. 3,685 Hoosiers have died.

Indiana reported its first 2,000-plus daily positive case count of 2,302 on October 15. The next day, October 16, the daily positive case count was 2521.

Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box reported she had tested positive for the virus, along with her daughter and grandson.

A total of 12,739 positive cases have been reported in Lake County with 348 deaths. Marion County has the highest case count, at 24,290 with 780 deaths. Indianapolis, in Marion County, accounts for most of the cases.

Instead of focusing only on state numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths, Indiana health officials are also looking at two numbers showing how counties are responding to the virus.

Health officials are counting the number of people tested for COVID-19 each week in the county and how many of those test results come back positive. The weekly number of positive cases, the county’s total population and the weekly positivity rate determine a county score, ranging between 0 and three. The county score indicates the spread of COVID-19 and will guide decision making on the operations of schools, businesses and public facilities.

The county score is calculated and updated every Wednesday. Lake County’s score, as of October 14 is 1.5.

Lake County reported 737 new cases between October 5 and Oct. 11. The county positivity rate is 7.6%. That means 7 of every 100 people tested have the virus.

A county score between zero and 0.5 allows operations to continue without restrictions and signifies the spread of COVID-19 is minimal. Scores equal to or greater than 1 mean the COVID-19 spread continues and the level of restrictions increase as the county score nears the maximum score of three.

The Indiana State Dept. of Health website’s color-coded county map shows four colors to match the 4 ranges of county scores. View the map and more information at https://www.in.gov/coronavirus

As of October 15, the Gary Health Department reported 1,697 positive cases with 84 deaths.

Visit www.gary.gov and click on the “Coronavirus (COVID-19) How to Protect Yourself” banner to see Gary's response to the virus.

Story Posted:10/17/2020

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