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Destinee Winger (right) with her mother at a pop-up shop event in 2023

Young Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Destinee Winger

Contributed By:Faith Smith

No opportunities wasted leads to success for Desserts by Desss

In the heart of Gary, IN where black-owned businesses thrive, there are young entrepreneurs on the rise looking to become phenomenal CEOs.

One of those bright spirits is Destinee Winger, a current student at Indiana University Northwest and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

With her growing dessert business, Desserts by Desss, she is making a name for herself beyond the city of Gary.

At the start of her journey to entrepreneurship, Winger began working for companies like McDonalds, Wendy’s and Walmart. After working several jobs, Winger made the decision to become her own boss.

“Prior to my dessert business, I tried many different things. First, I was making custom wooden letters with photos,” Winger said. “I later moved on to selling dinner plates because I really enjoyed cooking. Then I decided to switch over to desserts and found my passion.” This birthed the creation of Desserts by Desss, where Winger says she can mix both her creativity and passion.

When asked about how she felt her business impacted the community of Gary, Winger gave the heart-felt answer of, “Desserts by Dessshas impacted the community by showing the youth that it is possible to be your own boss no matter your age. I also contribute to the Annual Easter Blast for Ross Township by making Easter baskets. For back to school events within my community, I donate different treats.”

Desserts by Desss continued its success with one thousand followers on TikTok and Facebook within the last year. Winger was also awarded the Kiahna W. Davis Entrepreneur of the Year Award during the AKA’s 90th Central Regional Conference.

Desserts by Desss has had the opportunity to work with many businesses, and in three years, Winger plans to “open up my first dessert store in the local area and have a warehouse that ships cookies around the world.” She hopes Desserts by Desss will be a global name.

With much success, Winger still wants to make sure future and aspiring entrepreneurs are prepared in business.

Winger’s advice to others, “Don’t be scared to put yourself out there. Just because someone else is doing the same thing as you doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Invest in yourself. You’re going to want your small business to be big one day. Your biggest supporters will be strangers, so do not be afraid to make connections and meet new people.”

You can find Desserts by Desss on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Story Posted:06/09/2024

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