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Freddie Pintor

Big League Barber on canvas

Contributed By: Jonathan Bradford

Freddie Pintor's other side – creating works of art

Taking art to a whole new level, from his hand paintings, display gallery, designer haircuts, and having a barbershop on wheels, Freddie Pintor is Hammond’s well-known entrepreneur.

And he is dedicated to showing the public how a new haircut can boost their morale at Big League Barbershop, 7051 Kennedy Ave. in Hammond.

Thomas Miller, a regular says, “I have been here multiple times and have seen the interactions and felt family vibes throughout my visits.”

“I have always been the person there for people and that’s how I envisioned my barbershop to be. In life, if you look good you feel good, and you feel confident. Big League is a place that has great ambience. It is the relationships we build with the community that opens people up,” says Pintor.

People of all races enjoy the atmosphere and comfort of being at Big League says barber Chris Huggins, a.k.a. “The Kid.” “It is so diverse in here; we adapt to every ethnicity and hair texture.”

“Most of us here speak Spanish and English. Since we get a lot of Spanish clientele, being bilingual is helpful,” said barber Ruby Serrano. “When you go into a shop when no one understands you, it's a struggle; but when someone knows your language, the customer feels more at ease.”

“One of the things that set us apart from other barbershops is our range. We accommodate all ages,” Alex Hernandez said.

Big League’s logo, which looks like the Major League Baseball trademark, was inspired by his grandfather, who played a huge role in Pintor’s life. He passed away in 2015.

“I took his socks and put them in the drawer," Pintor said. “In 2018, I started cutting Moncada and Abreu’s hair from the White Sox. Their names were on my grandfather’s socks.”

Who would have thought Pintor was channeling his future by naming his shop Big League and who would have thought having his grandfather's White Sox clothing would lead him into cutting hair for professional baseball players.

Big League’s free “Back to School” haircuts at the Hammond YMCA are another relationship builder.

“I learn so much about the lives of these young people while cutting their hair. The things they go through. The conversations we have. It’s more than a haircut; it is therapeutic,” he said.

Now that Pintor has achieved success in his craft, he has returned to his first love – creating works of art. His favorite and most sentimental piece is ‘God’s Plan.’

God’s Plan

“This canvas isn’t just an ordinary piece of cloth; it is a living breathing artwork, like our own journey in life. Starting as blank slates and being shaped by every person we encounter ... each line on the canvas tells a story," Pintor said.

“As an artist, my goal is to have impactful pieces. They were all made with love and literally made from the heart,” says Pintor. “I want people to see the real Pintor, the painter. Some superheroes have power, as do the villains; but I want to use my art for good, showing some of the things that I have gone through. I want my art to connect with people."

With a name like Pintor – painter in Spanish – he was destined to be an artist.

“People ask why do you have so many eyes in your paintings. Eyes are important and are keys. You see and feel things through other people’s lenses,” says Pintor.

Pintor is about bringing unity to the community not only through his fancy haircuts, but also through his artwork.

Story Posted:05/29/2024

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