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FAITH Farms & Orchard accepting participants for "Food is Medicine" program

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Nutrition education classes and live cooking demonstrations

(Gary, IND) – Recently, FAITH CDC (Families Anchored in Total Harmony, Inc.) announced that enrollment is underway for the Food Is Medicine (FIM) program.

This initiative allows Northwest Indiana residents to receive free produce and/or diet-specific meals every week for 6 months. Currently, individuals diagnosed with diabetes, coronary artery disease, and gastrointestinal disorders are being accepted.

A referral from the primary care physician is required.

Diagnoses of diabetes and heart disorders are running rampant in Black and Brown communities, FAITH CDC founder Curtis Whittaker said. "We want to be a consistent resource that provides healthy options to residents while addressing and hopefully eliminating many of the participants' health concerns.”

The program takes place at 656 Carolina St. in Gary, and is administered in partnership with Methodist Hospitals along with local physicians and farmers. There are a total of 120 slots available.

“The work we do at Faith Farms is about God's vision and love for our city,” said Faith Farms Administrator Freida Graves. “I get inspired every time someone reaches out to us with goals to live a healthier lifestyle. The programs we have in place are designed to do just that.”

The Food is Medicine Program also provides ongoing nutrition education to support patients in choosing healthy foods, preparing healthy meals and managing health conditions. Distribution days occur every other Thursday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Nutrition education classes are held every other Saturday and live cooking demonstrations of the produce box are conducted by a professional chef at the end of each month.

For more information about enrollment and other FAITH CDC initiatives, call 219-880-0850.

Faith Farms and Orchard is an owned and operated farm of Progressive Community Church. The farms grow fruits and vegetables year-round. For more information visit Faith CDC on Facebook or call 219-880-0850.

Story Posted:01/21/2024

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