Shaun Thompson, left, and Jonathan Brown

2 teens arraigned on charges in Saucedo death

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Seriousness of crimes led prosecutors to charge juveniles as adults

Two of the 3 Gary teenagers held in Porter County jail in connection with the death of Adriana Saucedo were arraigned in the Porter County Court House in Valparaiso Wednesday.

After being charged as adults, Shaun Thompson, 16, and Jonathan Brown, 17, appeared to face charges of murder in perpetration of a robbery and felony robbery in Saucedo’s death.

Porter County officials said it was the seriousness of the crimes that led them to charging the juveniles as adults. A third teenager, a 15 year-old who accompanied Thompson and Brown the night of Saucedo’s death may also be charged as an adult.

It was the 15-year-old who led Gary and Porter County police to Saucedo’s body in the closed Norton Elementary School in Gary Thursday, November 21. Norton School, at 13th and Harrison was closed in 2006. The teen was traced through a Facebook post on Tuesday, November 19 with Saucedo for the purchase of marijuana. He was picked up at Thea Bowman Leadership Academy in Gary.

The probable cause statement lists Thompson as the one who shot Saucedo.

Thompson had been detained in Lake County’s Juvenile Detention Center on an unrelated traffic stop by Gary Police Wednesday, November 20. Thompson fled the scene on foot but was apprehended. He was later released on an ankle bracelet warrant and his vehicle impounded. Thompson was picked up Thursday, the next day.

Saucedo, age 27, of Portage was reported missing by family members when they had not received any contact from her after she left Tuesday night, around 7:30 p.m.

Story Posted:11/28/2019

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