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Lake County Prosecutor charges Hammond sexual batterer

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Seeks public assistance identifying other women who may have been assaulted

Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter has charged a Hammond man with sexual battery charges, a level 6 felony, and announced his office is seeking help from the public in identifying any other women who may have been assaulted by Devin Lemere Price.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Hammond Detective Mark Biller at (219) 852-2966.

According to the charging document, Price was arrested following the March 2, 2019 complaint of a woman shopper at a Family Dollar store in Hammond. The woman told Hammond Police a black male approached her from behind, grabbed her buttocks, and fled the store.

The victim said the male drove away in a blue car; the first number on the license plate was ‘5.’ While giving her statement to police on the incident, she told the officer, “There he is.” Price was entering another store near 165th & Columbia.

Based on the victim’s statement, Price was immediately arrested. He was driving a blue car with a license plate matching the victim’s description.

Price told police detectives he was married, lived in Blue Island, IL and was temporarily staying in Hammond to help his mother recover from surgery. Price said he was at the Family Dollar doing an errand for his mother and “observed a woman with a big bootie.”

Price said he left the store with his purchase and placed it in the car. He then returned to the store, located the female, grabbed her buttocks, and fled.

His confession included statements of being molested as a child by a male cousin and confusion about his own masculinity. Price explained he grabbed the woman’s buttocks to prove to himself he was not gay. He also told police he had committed the same act, a month earlier, on another woman shopper, and in the same shopping district.

Story Posted:03/14/2019

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