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Cold weather forces Roosevelt's move to Gary Career Center

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Students haven't attended school since the shock of sub-zero temperatures

EdisonLearning and Gary Community School Corporation made a joint decision to temporarily relocate Theodore Roosevelt College and Career Academy students to the Gary Area Career Center after extreme weather caused the heating system at the school to fail, said Michael E. Serpe, Director of Communications in a statement from EdisonLearning.

EdisonLearning, Gary schools personnel, and contractors have spent the last 7 days conducting plumbing and HVAC assessments and repairs. It has been determined that conditions are not safe for students and teachers to remain at Roosevelt during the required repairs. Students haven’t attended school since the region suffered nearly a week of sub-zero temperatures.

The repairs are expected to take at least 2 - 3 weeks, during which time there will be no heat in the building. Temperatures over the next three weeks are expected to reach a low of 15 degrees and a high of 36 degrees. Building temperatures need to be a minimum of 64 degrees to comfortably and safely accommodate the students.

EdisonLearning, Roosevelt administration, and GCSC considered several options, but have concluded that moving the students to the Gary Career Center is the best option while repairs are being made. GCSC and EdisonLearning are collaborating on a timeline for when Roosevelt’s HVAC and plumbing issues will be resolved.

Dr. Ian Miller, principal at Roosevelt, and Marshall Emerson, the school’s superintendent, informed the Roosevelt instructional team of the decision early Friday. All parents and guardians have been informed.

A meeting with parents and students is scheduled for Monday, February 11 at 5:00 pm in the Career Center cafeteria.

Inquiries from parents and guardians should be directed to Dr. Miller at 219-881-1500, ext. 1011.

The first day of class at the Gary Area Career Center is tentatively set for Thursday, February 14.

Story Posted:02/08/2019

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