Michelle Fajman, Director of Lake County Board of Election & Voter Registration, swears in Marian Ivey. Watching are Ivey’s family members: mom, Janis Redmond; dad, Darryl Redmond; and brother, Keon Redmond.

Marian Ivey is Gary's new city council member

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2024 has been busy for Gary’s Democratic Precinct Organization

The year has been busy for the Gary Democratic Precinct Organization, filling vacancies for elected offices in Gary, Lake County, and state government.

It did so again Saturday, selecting Marian Ivey to fill the at-large seat on the Gary Common Council. That position was left vacant when Ron Brewer was selected, in March, to fill the vacancy in the Lake County Council’s 2nd District.

Ivey was one of 6 candidates seeking a nod from Gary’s precinct captains. The other five were Dave Fossett, Robert Buggs, Myles Tolliver, Colin McCullough, and Roosevelt Dixon.

Jim Wieser, the chairman of the Lake County Democratic Central Committee overseeing the caucus said 42 of Gary’s forty-eight precinct captains were present at the caucus held in the Calumet Township Multipurpose Center. A majority vote was needed to win the seat.

Ivey received the majority of 22 votes, edging out Dave Fossett in the fourth round of balloting.

Ivey lives in Gary’s 4th District. She is a county government employee in the Lake County Auditor’s Office. Ivey said she wants to improve the conditions of the city’s traffic lights and railroad tracks to help make Gary safer.

Saturday was the 4th caucus of Gary’s Democratic precinct committeemen this year to fill a vacancy. They caucused in January when District 3 State Senator Eddie Melton resigned the office to become Gary’s mayor. In February, they caucused to fill the vacancy in the Calumet Township Assessor’s Office – that position left vacant by the sudden passing of Cozey Weatherspoon in January. In March, a caucus was held to fill the seat for the Lake County Council’s 2nd District – that position left vacant by the passing of Atty. Clorius Lay in February.

Story Posted:04/08/2024

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