Flourish Church members collect $17,320

Flourish Church collects $17,000 to build a home in Gary

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Joins forces with Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana to expand affordable housing

[Gary] -- Flourish Church announces a groundbreaking partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana aimed to increase home ownership in Gary, Indiana. Flourish Church, 3995 Cleveland Street, in Gary, recently took a special collection that raised $17,320 in a show of unwavering support for Habitat's mission, marking the beginning of a collaborative effort to expand affordable housing in the community.

Senior Pastor of Flourish Church Dexter Harris, a firm believer in the transformative power of Habitat's work, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership.

"At Flourish Church, we believe in the power of community and the importance of providing stable homes for families. Habitat for Humanity's mission resonates deeply with our values, and we are committed to playing a role in building a brighter future for residents of Gary and those in need."

The $17,320 raised by Flourish Church will contribute directly to supporting the construction of a Habitat home, which will offer hope and stability to a family in need in Lake County, Indiana. Pastor Harris sees this partnership as an opportunity to inspire other faith leaders to join the cause.

"I encourage my fellow faith leaders to consider matching or surpassing this generous gift," Pastor Harris remarked. "Imagine the impact we can make together. My hope is that, by this time next year, we can come together to fund the construction of an entire Habitat home, to stabilize a family and help them build a future."

Flourish Church and Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana invites the community to rally behind this initiative, fostering collaboration that goes beyond the boundaries of any one organization. By working together, Flourish Church and Habitat aim to address the critical need for affordable housing and create a positive ripple effect throughout the region.

For further information, contact Pastor Dexter Harris, Flourish Church, (219) 240-1818 or email info@flourishchurchnwi.org

Story Posted:11/19/2023

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