Mayor Prince launches "All In Gary!" Citywide Cleanup Campaign

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A sustained cleanup campaign, not just a one-and-done moment

Mayor Jerome A. Prince is inviting all residents, businesses and community groups to join “All In Gary!,” a massive, two-day clean-up project coming up in September that is the kickoff for an ongoing campaign.

Mayor Prince said this is an all-hands-on-deck opportunity for City employees, residents and everyone who calls Gary home. The campaign will launch on Sept. 17th and Sept. 18th, and it will feature two monthly clean-up drives that will help improve every neighborhood in Gary.

“One of my top areas of focus is cleaning up our City, and this campaign is a great way to get everyone involved from the very beginning and keep us focused,” Mayor Prince said. “We all want to look out of our windows and see clean streets and yards, and we all can pitch in to make it happen.”

The September launch of “All In Gary!” coincides with National Cleanup Month. Gary’s General Services crews have already begun major cleanup projects leading up to the two-day event.

On Sept. 17th and 18th, City employees will spread across Gary thoroughly cleaning up main entry points into the City. On Sat., Sep. 18th, crews will fan out across Gary picking up debris gathered by residents, businesses and community groups.

After the launch of the campaign, City employees acting as volunteers and crews with heavy equipment will be available to help with twice monthly clean-up projects in every neighborhood of the City, Mayor Prince said.

Businesses and community groups, such as block clubs, the NAACP and the Urban League of Northwest Indiana, and schools will be invited to join in the campaign. Those who want volunteers and heavy equipment may complete a simple application to get the help, Mayor Prince said.

For example, volunteers and equipment will be available twice in October and November, just before winter begins, and it will resume in early spring, said campaign organizer Rachelle Morgan-Ceasar. “This is a sustained cleanup campaign, not just a one-and-done moment,” she said. “Gary residents, community groups and businesses want a clean city, and we’ll work with them to make it happen."

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Story Posted:08/29/2021

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