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Getting tested for HIV and Hepatitis C is easy and free

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Aliveness Project of NWI reminds residents to get tested

In these days of Covid-19, other highly infectious and deadly diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C have been pushed to the side.

'They shouldn’t be' was the message from the Aliveness Project of NWI and Edgewater Health of Gary at Saturday's "Doing It! Get Tested!" day that offered free testing for HIV and Hep C in the Edgewater parking lot.

By the large number of people waiting at the testing station, Covid-19 was not on their mind.

HIV is mostly sexually transmitted through semen and blood. Hepatitis C is also transmitted by blood, mostly by drug users sharing needles. Like Covid-19, they can go undetected in some carriers while they spread the disease.

Untreated, the diseases reduce the quality and duration of life. The Hep C (HCV) virus attacks liver functions and can lead to liver cancer or severe liver damage. HIV attacks the immune system. There is no cure yet for either.

Tammy Morris, the executive director of Aliveness NWI said, "We want them to know the diseases are manageable and there are services to help them." Lake County has the 2nd highest infection rate for HIV in the state behind Marion County.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 25% of people in the U.S. with HIV also have HCV.

Aliveness Project of NWI provides free HIV and Hep C testing at their Hammond office, 5261 Hohman Avenue. The test is done using an oral swab with results in 20 minutes.

Edgewater partners with Aliveness NWI to provide primary medical and behavioral health services, and in some cases will provide housing.

Meals on Wheels is also a partner with the Aliveness Project.

For more information, call (219) 985-6170 or visit

Story Posted:07/14/2020

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