Families shopping spree at Merrillville Wal-Mart

Cleveland Cavalier's Darius Garland surprises hometown families with shopping spree

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Two families from McCullough Academy benefit from NBA star's promise to make a difference

Darius Garland is a proud product of Gary, Indiana. The 19-year-old followed in his father's (Winston Garland) footsteps to the NBA and now plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. But he hasn't forgotten about his hometown. Garland made good on a promise to select two families from McCullough Academy in Gary and treat them to a holiday shopping spree.

Although Darius was unable to join them at Wal-Mart in Merrillville as the youth selected their gifts, he plans to meet up with the families on Christmas Eve while he is home on a brief break.

"This was all Darius' idea," said dad Winston. "He wanted to make a difference in the lives of those in need back home, and this will not be his last time."

The selection of the families was facilitated by McCullough Academy Principal Sharmayne McKinley and her staff. Darius' mother Felicia Garland was also on hand to meet the children during their shopping spree.

"This is one of things I love about being an educator," said McKinley. "It is a joy to help make the dreams of our youth come true and see the joy in their little faces."

Families who benefited from Garland's act of kindness were William Cousinard – Kindergarten; Lauryn Smith – 5th Grader; Kyla Smith, Parent; twin siblings Eric and Erica Coleman – Kindergarten; and Rosalie Coleman, Parent.

Story Posted:12/15/2019

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