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Alliance Steel sees Gary as its future

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Bedford Park steel processor likes Buffington Harbor for new service center

Alliance Steel LLC, of Bedford Park, Illinois is negotiating an agreement with the City of Gary to purchase land in the Buffington Harbor area to construct a steel processing service center. “We see Gary as our future,” Andy Gross, Alliance president said at the February 21 Gary Redevelopment Commission meeting.

The steel company processes steel coils and sheets into products for the automotive, construction, agriculture, transportation, material handling and appliance industries. Alliance also has a service center in Atlanta, Georgia.

The property address is 6200 Industrial Highway, part of the Carmeuse Lime footprint. Joe van Dyk, Gary’s Redevelopment Director said the steel company is bidding on 30 acres of the 70-acre site. The purchase price is just under $1 million.

“It’s a natural fit for the area that already has heavy industry,” van Dyk said. “We still have a little ways to go. Surveying needs to be done and we’ll have to go to the city council for any tax incentives.”

Gross said Alliance customers stretch from Minnesota to Florida and as far west as California. “We process the big steel coils you see coming out of the mills here. We expect to build a new 200,000 to 250,000 square feet facility and bring in about 100 to 150 jobs right off the bat.”

Close to rail lines and truck routes, Gross said the site is also attractive because of the possibility of a deep water port coming to Buffington Harbor.

Story Posted:02/24/2018

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