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Rusted auto parts and corroded truck chassis found at Andy’s Truck and Equipment

Gary shuts down Andy's Truck & Equipment for code violations

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Sending signal to other property owners to help keep the community safe and clean

Early Wednesday morning, Gary city officials took action to shut down a business selling used truck parts.

According to a statement from the Mayor’s Office, the city is enforcing a 16-year-old court order to shut down Andy’s Truck and Equipment Co., 1434 W. 11th Ave., owned by Andy Young, an Illinois resident.

“The 13-acre property is filled with rusted auto parts, corroded truck chassis, scores of discarded tires, pools of water with mosquito larvae and potentially dozens of code violations” said Mayor Jerome Prince. “The two previous administrations failed to follow through on court orders to shutter the property. Mr. Young has none of the required approvals or licenses from the City to operate a business or storage yard for semi-truck parts.”

Lake Superior Court Judge Calvin Hawkins issued the shut down order. As Gary Police Department drones collected photos and videos overhead, representatives from the City’s law, code enforcement, environmental affairs, police and fire departments poured over the site, inspecting the yard and a large building at the center of the property.

Judge Hawkins’ court order stops Young from selling vehicles and openly storing parts on the site immediately.

Closing down the site until Young can clean up the property will significantly increase public safety at the busy intersection, Mayor Prince said.

“Even before I took office, I knew cleaning up our City would be critical to making Gary safer for our families and businesses,” Mayor Prince said. “We are committed to holding people responsible for their negative behavior in our City.”

City Attorney Rodney Pol led the team of City officials in the up-close inspection of the site. Attorney Pol said shutting down the business until Mr. Young could clean it up was one of several important steps. Next, the property owner will be required by the Lake Superior Court to clean up the property in accordance with the Court’s order and City ordinances.

“We’ll stay diligent in inspecting the property to make sure he is in full compliance with our ordinances and Judge Hawkins’ orders,” Attorney Pol said. “The bottom line is Mayor Prince refused to let up, and our team took a big step toward cleaning up a tremendous eyesore and public safety hazard at one of the City’s busiest intersections. We hope other property owners are paying attention, because we will continue to enforce our ordinances to keep our community safe and clean.”

Aerial view of Andy’s Truck and Equipment at 1434 W. 11th Ave.

Story Posted:05/18/2023

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