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Urban League of NWI spearheads campaign to reach the unvaccinated

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Transportation to health centers and vaccinations for the homebound available

Transportation to health centers and vaccinations for the homebound are some of the services the Urban League of NWI, Community HealthNet Health Centers and Community Advocates of Northern Indiana (CANI) offer to those who haven’t yet received a COVID-19 shot.

And residents who can show proof of getting fully vaccinated between the dates of July 1 – 31, 2021 will receive a Strack & Van Til grocery card valued at $50.

“Statistics show that communities of color are hesitant to get vaccinated for various reasons,” said Dr. Vanessa Allen-McCloud, President and CEO of the Urban League of NWI. “Our campaign will provide the education, resources and incentive that we hope will lead to more people in our neighborhoods getting vaccinated.”

CHN offers COVID-19 vaccinations while CANI maintains a grassroots community presence sharing information about the importance of getting vaccinated.

“We are excited about this partnership,” said Dr. Janet Seabrook, CEO of Community HealthNet Health Centers. “The more accurate information we can share about COVID-19 vaccinations, the greater the chance that people will go ahead and get their shots.”

Community Advocates of Northern Indiana has conducted several COVID-19 vaccination awareness campaigns since the vaccine was introduced earlier this year and continues to look for more ways to reach communities of color that still have low vaccination numbers.

“We want those who are not sure about getting vaccinated to think about the overall safety of their loved ones, community and themselves,” said Tracy Lewis, CEO of Community Advocates of Northern Indiana. “This campaign will help us continue to drive that message.”

For more information about the campaign, call the Urban League of NWI at 219-887-9621. To make a vaccination appointment, contact Community HealthNet Health Centers at 219-880-1190.

Story Posted:07/10/2021

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