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It was not to offend, but to inform. It was called caring, manners, concern for others.

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Grammar Patrol: No "Thanks" ever?

You know what a “princie-slip” is? I must admit that I don’t know how to spell it, but I heard it all the time when I was growing up. A woman or girl would be walking along and someone would say, “Psst… Your princie (or princy) -slip is showing.”

This was always said in a very quiet voice, not babbled across the room, but as discreetly as possible. You see, it was a piece of information that one person wanted to share with another. It was not to offend, but to inform. It was called caring, manners, concern for others. The whisperer knew how the other woman wanted to present herself always, and a “princy (“princess? ”)-slip,” no matter how pretty, was a distraction.

There was generally a tinge of embarrassment, but nowhere close to the humiliation she would have suffered if she, perfectly coifed and looking “good as I wanna look,” had discovered, after the fact, that something that belongs under had announced itself to everybody (except her) the whole darn day! “Mortified” works here!

Let’s go in a different direction: You’re preparing a get-together. You’ve been going through different recipes all week long, and it’s your time to shine! The guys, including the boss, from the office will be there. You’ve selected the wine, the beer is cold, and every hint of dust or any unwelcomed matter – on the screen, on the table, or in the whole darn room – has been banished: All’s perfect!

The bell rings, the guests arrive, and you lay out a spread that the guys will yak about forever! They bite into your “masterpiece surprise,” and their faces fall… then freeze. Your wife looks on with “I tried to tell you” on her face – and she had – several times… but you shooed her away with, “I got this! ” Salt and sugar look a lot alike when you’re on your own in the kitchen!

So, I have a question for you, and I’d like you to answer as honestly as you can, taking into account that you are perfectly perfect, and so may be… just… a bit… off… with… your answer. I’ll not eavesdrop: I’m too far away – but I wouldn’t anyway because I darn near KNOW the answer, even if you lie!

Question – Well, I’ll give you a warmup question – or two – first. Sometimes folks have to practice “trying” to tell the truth… You know, lies are right there, at the front of the mouth, pushing and shoving and elbowing: “Me first! ” Yeah. They’re always first!

So, here goes. Warmup question 1: If someone, especially someone you know who works on motors, tells you that you’re using the wrong gasoline – or oil, or something else the engine needs – will you listen, and change… or will you throw a hissy fit?

Warmup Q #2: If a person, an excellent cook, gives you advice about a dish you’re preparing (completely backwards, mind you), will you take the advice, thank the person, and make adjustments… or will you bark: “I know how to cook! I don’t need you telling me nothing! Tend to your own (or go get you some) business!”?

Think about that when someone who has spent “googobs” of time and buckets of money studying grammar, and devoted years to teaching others – and lovin’ it… offers to help you improve yours – for FREE!

Stop contracting all your facial muscles until you look like a trick or treater. Listen, say thanks, and use the free advice!

Story Posted:11/04/2017

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