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Ben Clement's book explains COVID-19 so children can understand

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"You Missed A Spot"

Due to COVID-19, the quaint little community of Periwinkle is on lockdown. But nothing can stop the teaming wildlife inhabiting its pond, and the creatures there seem to know much more about the global pandemic than anyone would expect.

In fact, Mother Nature has provided a mysterious “memo” to teach animals everything what they need to know to protect themselves.

When a little boy discovers the animals sharing their new rules for survival, the animals become alarmed. Then a squirrel takes the lead in organizing the critters so they can share with the boy and his family nature’s secret formula to beating the virus.

You Missed A Spot! explains COVID-19 in a way that readers of all ages will appreciate. It is written so parents can share the story of these cuddly animals with their children, and then discuss ways to survive the global pandemic as a family.

About the Author: This has been a physically and emotionally draining time for healthcare worker Ben Clement. Born in Chicago, the author grew up in Gary, Indiana, where he now lives and works for Edgewater Health.

He has written two other books, Giants On My Shoulders, a biography of a club boxer who spars with the greatest heavyweights of all time while dreaming of becoming champion himself, and Stone’s Throw Away, a children’s book about racial, socioeconomic, and cultural differences.


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Story Posted:09/21/2020

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