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Free tests for lead in drinking water available to Lake County households

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Drop off samples at sites in Hammond and Gary

Free water sampling will be available to determine if your tap water is contaminated with lead on Saturday, June 5th from 10am to 1pm. Sponsored by the North Lake County Environmental Partnership, the water testing event will take place at St. Joseph’s Church at 5304 Hohman Avenue in Hammond and Progressive Community Church at 656 Carolina St in Gary.

Residents’ water samples need to be collected in a clean, dry 2-liter pop bottle. If you forgot to rinse the bottle, use a different faucet to rinse the bottle than the one you are interested in testing.

The empty 2-liter pop bottle should be filled with your faucet’s “first flush” water from your tap; that is a water faucet that has not been used in the last 12 hours. This should be the first 2 liters of water that comes out from a plumbing line after many hours of inactivity.

Residents need to record the date, time and location of the water sample. This water sample should then be taken to one of the testing sites between 10am and 1pm on Saturday, June 5t.

On site, residents will fill out a short form and be given an ID number. The results will be given on site or residents can use the ID number and web link to locate the measurement results later in the day.

The Free Water Sampling is open to Lake County, Indiana households.

North Lake County Environmental Partnership is a team of university researchers who have come together to address environmental justice issues in North Lake County, Indiana.

Story Posted:06/03/2021

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