Residents can now apply for committee to report on Gary's referendum revenues

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Referendum Ambassadors will oversee and report on how school district collects and spends funds from property tax increase

Gary residents interested in joining the committee that will oversee spending of referendum revenues for the Gary public school district can now submit their applications.

Dr. Paige McNulty, Manager of the Gary Community School Corporation announced the formation of the Referendum Ambassadors Committee soon after voters approved a property tax increase for the school district that was on the ballot in the November General Election.

"With the referendum passed, GCSC is fulfilling its commitment to create a Referendum Ambassador Committee," Dr. McNulty said. "Committee members will be Gary residents, and the committee will report to the public on how referendum revenue is collected and spent."

The committee will have up to 24 members, with the majority being Gary residents. The GCSC Manager and the Chief Financial Officer will lead Ambassador meetings. Referendum Ambassadors will meet two times per year (in person or remotely) to monitor and report to the public.

Referendum Ambassadors may serve for up to eight years.

McNulty said, "The volunteer committee will include representatives from the local business community, the faith-based community, elected officials, and labor groups, as well as students and parents and caregivers. The committee will be created in advance of the first referendum funds being received in June 2021."

In February, the district will review applications and conduct interviews with selected applicants.

In March, the Referendum Ambassadors will be established and the district will provide them with materials pertaining to the referendum. They will hold their first meeting in March.

The Referendum Ambassador Committee application is available on the district’s website at; click the Referendum tab. The deadline for application submission is February 1, 2021.

Story Posted:01/07/2021

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