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Indiana wants you to get tested for Covid-19

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There are sites nearby to help Indiana test as many people as possible

With coronavirus testing supplies more available, the Indiana State Dept. of Health has increased its number of testing centers. Where testing was once only available at hospitals and a few clinics, ISDH sites are dedicated to Covid-19 testing and are in every county in the state.

The criteria for testing has expanded to allow more people to be tested. No longer do you have to show symptoms or be a health care worker, first responder or essential worker. State health officials want to test as many as possible for Covid-19.

A map and list of all Indiana test sites by county is available at

This site has the facility name, address, phone number, hours and requirements for testing.

Testing at ISDH/Optum sites is free to Hoosier residents. Tests performed at hospitals and clinics may require insurance or payment. Most test sites require registration. To locate and register at an ISDH/Optum site near you, visit

Dr. Kristina Box, the Indiana State Health Commissioner issued this request, "If you have symptoms of Covid-19, come get tested. If you are at high risk because you are over age 65, have diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or another underlying condition, or if you are a member of a minority population that’s at greater risk, please come get tested – even if you don’t have symptoms."

Dr. Box added, "This also includes close contacts of confirmed Covid-19 positive patients when it is imperative that the contact continues to work and/or have close contact with at-risk populations even if the person being tested doesn't have symptoms."

Healthcare providers may order a test for any patient who needs one based on their clinical evaluation.

ISDH wants to test at-risk populations and high-risk Hoosiers. Those individuals include:
• Anyone who is admitted to the hospital whose physician is concerned that their symptoms are consistent with COVID-19.
• Symptomatic healthcare workers (inpatient, outpatient, nursing home, and other long-term service facilities) and first responders who provide direct care to at-risk patients.
• Symptomatic long-term care facility residents or staff who have direct contact with patients.
• Persons experiencing homelessness.
• Patients who expire with suspected COVID-19 symptoms.
• Patients and staff at correctional facilities
• Patients age 65 and older with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
• Patients with underlying health conditions with symptoms of COVID-19, including lung or heart disease, or who are immunocompromised, obese or pregnant women.

A new 3-day, drive-thru free testing center for Indiana residents will be held at Hammond's Morton High School, 6915 Grand Blvd., from May 21-May 23, Thursday through Saturday. To get tested, show a valid Indiana driver's license or a state issued ID.

Story Posted:05/18/2020

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