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IU Northwest offering a minor and certificate in Sports Management

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Program is the result of local employers and professionals desiring specialized training

Indiana University Northwest now offers an online, 21-credit certificate in sports management, in addition to a degree minor.

The certificate is designed for those who seek immediate employment in a sports facility, or those who already work in a fitness or athletic capacity and aspire to a management position.

The degree minor, which typically takes a student pursuing a degree in another discipline two years to complete, is designed for students who want to gain the fundamental skills necessary to manage a sports facility as a complement to another discipline, most commonly education, health, physical education, recreation and business.

Sports management is a growing field that focuses on multiple aspects of managing sports, leisure, and recreation programs and facilities.

Enrollment in both programs is continuous, and students can begin as early as the spring 2020 semester.

Mark Sperling, interim dean of the School of Education, said the new certificate and minor are the result of local employers and professionals expressing a need for specialized training.

“We are proud to offer the only sports management program in the region and are excited about the quality of the instruction,” Sperling added. “With doctoral-prepared faculty in both education and business, along with faculty who have direct experience working in the field, students will get a well-rounded, hands-on education that will prepare them for entry or advancement in the exciting world of sports management.”

Fulfillment of both options requires seven online courses covering a wide range of topics, including the financial principals of sports, sports marketing, legal issues, planning and operations, and the historical development of sport in American culture.

The programs are administered by the School of Education, in partnership with the School of Business and Economics, whose faculty teach some of the courses.

For more information, contact the School of Education at 219-980-6510 or visit https://www.iun.edu/education/sports-management/index.htm

Story Posted:11/27/2019

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