West Side (orange shirts) v Hammond Morton

Volleyball: The ooh ... aah game

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Even at the high school level, volleyball is an ‘ooh … aah’ game. Gary West Side and Hammond Morton went to a final set tie breaker in an early season matchup Tuesday night, with Morton coming away with the win.

Both coaches said they were happy with their players; more so for Hammond’s new and first time coach Rachel Lee.

Alexandria Bradley, West Side’s 11-year coach had good hopes for a win. “I’m proud of my team; they played their hearts out.”

At Tuesday night’s game, volleyball superfan Dwayne Coleman saw wins all around. He has daughters on each team – a freshman playing for Hammond and a senior for West Side. Asked if there will be hard feelings between his girls after the game, Coleman said, “Sure, but they won’t last. My wife made lasagna for dinner.”

Coleman said his wife is also a volleyball coach at another Gary high school. That’s why his freshman daughter can play at the varsity level now. “My wife coached her.”

There were plenty of ‘digs’ but no ‘spikes.’ They’ll come later in the season, Coleman said, as the players improve their timing and skills.

Your attendance is a good way to support high school athletics.

Story Posted:08/30/2019

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