Dinner is served at Spirit of Christmas Dinner

30th Spirit of Christmas Dinner scheduled for December 25th in Gary

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Rep. Vernon Smith hosts annual dinner at Genesis Convention Center

One of the traditions of the holiday season in Northwest Indiana, State Rep. Vernon G. Smith’s (D-Gary) Spirit of Christmas Dinner, will take place for the 30th time on Tuesday, December 25, at the Genesis Convention Center, 1 Genesis Center Plaza, Gary.

The dinner, which runs from 1 to 4 p.m. on Christmas Day, is hosted by Dr. Smith in honor of two women: His late mother, the Rev. Julia E. Smith (who served as the pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church), and a teacher In the Gary School Corporation named Patricia Tillotson, who was one of the guiding influences in the legislator’s life. Joining Dr. Smith as hosts are Joyce Washington-Price, Dwight Williams, and Robin Bernal.

“We have the Spirit of Christmas Dinner to provide a time and a place to celebrate the season with those who are poor and hungry, senior citizens, and people who find themselves away from family and friends,” Dr. Smith said. “This event is primarily for residents of Gary, Merrillville, Griffith, New Chicago, Lake Station, and Hobart, but our doors are open to all who want to share the holiday and a good meal.”

Through the years, the dinner has grown to the point where more than 600 people attend.

“We are able to make this dream become a reality through the selfless contributions made by so many people,” Dr. Smith noted. “As always, we are looking for those willing to volunteer their time and contribute a little money to bring this event to Gary.”

Donations are needed to cover the cost of the meal, gifts, and other event expenses.

Volunteers are needed to serve as cooks, decorators, food servers, and the clean-up crew.

There also will be free bus transportation for those who need it, although reservations are necessary.

“If you would like to reserve a place, volunteer to help, or contribute to the cause, please call me at 219-887-2046,” Dr. Smith said.

Story Posted:11/30/2018

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