Bernard Graham

Shootout suspect surrenders to federal authorities

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ATF undercover agents shoot it out with illegal gun sellers on Gary's eastside

A suspect involved in Thursday’s shootout involving undercover agents investigating illegal gun sales surrendered to federal authorities Saturday.

Ryan Holmes, spokesman for the Hammond office of the Dept. of Justice said Bernard Graham, age 25, of Calumet City, IL turned himself in at 12:15 p.m. Saturday.

According to the criminal complaint from the U.S. District Court, a confidential informant and two undercover ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) agents arrived at a pre-arranged meeting to purchase firearms on Thursday, June 7 at 554 Kentucky, a home in Gary.

At the Kentucky street address, they encountered 3 men who claimed to have four firearms for sale. The criminal complaint identified the three men as Graham, Blake King, age 19 of Chicago, and Raymon Truitt II.

During the exchange of cash and firearms, Truitt and Graham opened fire on the ATF agents. One of the ATF agents received gunshots to the chest and arm. Truitt was killed by the agents returned gunfire. King was injured and Graham fled.

Investigators later determined that pots and pans were in a bag the gun sellers said had firearms.

The wounded agent was listed in critical but stable condition at Gary’s Methodist Hospitals later that day.

Story Posted:06/10/2018

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