School closings in Gary will be an open process

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Hinckley's decision will include input from all stakeholders

Peggy Hinckley, Emergency Manager for Gary Community School Corporation, shared with the Distressed Unit Appeals Board (DUAB) that any potential building closures will follow a public process to keep all Gary residents and state of Indiana officials informed.

A notice of potential closures will be reviewed by the Distressed Unit Appeals Board. Once reviewed, advertised public forums will be held with parents and members of the community to discuss all facts related to potential closures.

Community forums will invite the local school board, the Gary Mayor’s office, and other elected officials, to share their input in the process.

Community and parent contributions to this process are critical, said Amy Marsh, deputy chief of staff to Dr. Hinckley. “Any building closure will consider the condition of the building, transportation for students, academic programs available at all schools, operating costs and other considerations raised by parents and stakeholders.”

Community meetings will be advertised on the Gary website: as well as on social media and through parent phone calls.

Story Posted:11/07/2017

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