New textbooks for all Gary students

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Gary public schools get $3.1 million state loan

All students enrolled in the Gary Community School Corporation will soon receive brand new textbooks.

“There is nothing more important than making sure that our students and teachers have the tools and resources they need to be successful. We know that textbooks and instructional materials are a key part of increasing student learning and achievement,” said Dr. Hinckley, Emergency Manager for the Gary Community School Corp. “Every student, from our kindergarteners to our seniors in high school will be getting brand new books.”

The school district will also receive a $3.1 million loan from the state. Dr. Hinckley made the request to the state’s Distressed Unit Appeal Board at its meeting Tuesday, as part of the emergency manager’s update since the state takeover of the Gary public schools in June.

Hinckley said Cigna, the district’s health insurance provider will receive the majority of the funds request.

The emergency manager said GCSC has seen a 500-600 drop in student enrollment. The September 8th student count was 5,114. The district receives about $8,000 in state and federal funds per student. That represents a loss of almost $5 million for the district.

The new books and learning materials will first begin to arrive in phases by grade level and subject, starting with language arts and reading supplies for those students in kindergarten through 8th grade. In addition to the textbooks for students, the new materials will include professional development for teachers, workbooks and new ‘manipulatives’ or learning tools meant to help students grasp concepts more quickly.

Dr. Hinckley emphasized that the new materials are an investment in classroom teachers.

“These new materials embrace new teaching methods that will allow our dedicated educators to do their difficult jobs more effectively,” said Dr. Hinckley. “These are the latest learning tools that can help the teachers and students take learning to the next level beyond the workbook page.”

The new textbooks and materials are paid for by Title I funds allocated by the federal government and not from the Gary Community School Corporation general fund, Hinckley said. “We encourage all families in Gary to take a second look at Gary Community Schools and enroll today by calling 219-881-5466.”

Story Posted:09/13/2017

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