Chicago men sentenced for printing, spending money

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Phony bills in small denominations were easier to pass

Acting U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana, Clifford D. Johnson, announced that Christopher Pierce, 24, and Harold Jones, 20, both of Chicago, Illinois were sentenced before District Court Senior Judge James T. Moody for the passing of counterfeit U.S. currencies.

Pierce was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment followed by 1 year of supervised release. Jones was sentenced to time served (113 days) followed by 1 year of supervised release.

According to documents in this case, beginning in December 2015 and continuing through spring of 2016, Pierce and Jones passed currency manufactured by Pierce four to five times a week.

Pierce utilized a color scanner and printer to create counterfeit currency on linen paper. Pierce manufactured the counterfeit currency in $5, $10, and $20 denominations, because he felt they were less likely to be detected.

The defendants used the counterfeit currency to make numerous daily small purchases at fast food restaurants, gas stations, and “mom and pop” neighborhood businesses so they could obtain legitimate change in return. According to documents in the case, the two allegedly made up to $250 in legitimate United States’ currency per day before they were caught.

United States Secret Service Special Agent in Charge John Koleno, Chicago Field Office stated, “This is one of many cases that are investigated daily with the help of state and local law enforcement. Businesses that handle cash are encouraged to go to to learn the security features of United States currency.”

This case was investigated by the United States Secret Service. This case was handled by Assistant United States Attorney Jill R. Koster.

Story Posted:06/12/2017

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