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Mayor Prince puts Rescue Plan funds in people and infrastructure

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Support for Gary's essential workers, programs for residents, neighborhoods and businesses

Mayor Jerome A. Prince has proposed a wide-ranging plan to use federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to transform Gary’s neighborhoods and business prospects following the historic COVID-19 pandemic.

The city recently received the first of two approximately $40 million installments from the federal government thanks to the work of President Joe Biden and U.S. Congressman Frank Mrvan (D-1st). The funds will help Gary support its residents and businesses, and spur more economic development, Mayor Prince said.

In comments before the Greater Gary Chamber of Commerce Monday afternoon, Mayor Prince detailed some of the uses for the ARPA funds.

More than $10 million will go towards recovering city revenue lost in 2020.

Up to $5 million in premium pay or bonuses will go to essential city workers for their service during the pandemic.

The remaining $25 million will support a variety of programs, including investments in infrastructure, the Guaranteed Income Validation Effort, or GIVE, program, and the THRIVE Gary! Youth Violence Prevention initiative.

“We mourn the friends and neighbors we lost, but we also know these funds will make a big difference for our City going forward,” he said. “We were very careful to comply with ARPA rules in planning how to use these funds, and we look forward to working closely with the Gary Common Council on this plan as we all recover from the pandemic and develop high-quality programming for the entire City.”

Mayor Prince said his team will meet with the Common Council this Friday to shape the final plan. The Council must approve the appropriations.

With the help of the ARPA funds, the City can use its own, non-federal funds to invest in new equipment for the police, fire and general services departments, Mayor Prince said.

The final $40 million installment will come in 2022.

Story Posted:09/14/2021

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