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Save More Foods employee will celebrate 9 years in December

How did you survive COVID?

Makenya: Through the grace of God honestly, I prayed every day. And I took it serious because me and my daughter Ken’Jerrieya, whose 9, have asthma.

She had COVID, but was asymptomatic. I took her to get a breathing treatment because her eyes had been watering every day. She was kind of lying around and that was unusual for her. So I decided to get her tested for COVID, too. She wanted to know why she got it and I didn't.

We had to quarantine for 3 weeks. The job understood; there was no problem.
Where did you get your humor?
My aunts say I act just like my dad; he was funny and kept people laughing. I was the class clown. I guess I got it naturally. I see it in my daughter; she's a real character.
Talk about yourself
I have been at Save More for nearly 9 years. I work the checkout lines, the customer service desk, and train new cashiers. I’ve always worked in customer service. I came to Gary in 2012 from Birmingham. I was born and raised in Chicago.
Talk about your coworkers
I have a great group of coworkers. My supervisor is great; she works with us and our schedules. And the new girls we have in training, they are doing good.

About Save More Foods

Scott Yonover chats with a customer. That’s Tim Bellamy and Daniel Krause poking heads out the windows Gary’s Save More Foods is a family run business, owned and operated by generations of cousins.
Sam Musleh and his nephew Isaac Musleh opened Happy Foods/dba Save More Foods in 1989.
Sam’s son Ata soon joined to help his father open and operate the store. They worked very long hours to make a go of this business, and give customers good value for their money and good service with a welcoming smile.
Yousef, Isaac’s brother, joined the business in 1991.
And now their sons work fulltime at Save More. In 2018, Ata’s son Mohammad and Yousef’s son Ahmad came aboard. Both have Bachelor’s degrees in computer programming.
Sam Musleh recently passed.

Story Posted:06/19/2021

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