Don't travel, just stay at home and see a fireworks show

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Lighting up the skies July 3rd in East Chicago and July 4th in Hammond

East Chicago and Hammond will launch Independence Day fireworks so residents can view them at home instead of traveling. Both cities are taking safety precautions in the age of coronavirus.

East Chicago is lighting up the sky from 5 locations at 9:30pm Friday, July 3rd.

Do not go to the locations, just stay at home and look up in the sky for the firework shows over Kosciuszko Park Ball Park, Central High School, EC Fire Dept. at 3350 Michigan Ave., Block Jr. High School, and West Calumet Complex.

Hammond will present fireworks shows in four locations around the city. Families can stay close to home with family and friends and enjoy the shows, all set to begin around 9:30pm on Saturday, July 4th.

The four Hammond locations are Clark MS/HS, Morton HS, Eggers MS, and Gavit MS/HS.

Story Posted:06/29/2020

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