Carolyn Rogers, left, and LaVetta Sparks-Wade

Rogers won't seek 6th term, Sparks-Wade announces for mayor

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Gary City Council members look to change face of city's Democratic party politics

Coming just hours apart Tuesday, announcements from two Gary City Council members look to change the face of the city’s Democratic Party politics in 2019.

Carolyn Rogers, 2nd District councilwoman said she will not seek re-election to a 6th term, retiring to spend more time with family. “It’s time to open doors for a new representative to serve,” Rogers said.

Residents have been generous, Rogers said, electing her to serve since 2000. “It has been one of my greatest honors to serve you. I’m hopeful that the next chapter for our district will propel us to newer heights.”

The councilwoman said she will wrap up projects including grant funding to reactivate the long time vacant Bear Brand Hosiery Site, Vacant to Vibrant Initiative, forming block clubs, and traffic signalization on 15TH Avenue & Martin Luther King Drive.

Although Rogers announcement came as a surprise, Sixth District Councilwoman LaVetta Sparks-Wade’s announcement was not. She’s been on many lists as a probable mayoral candidate in 2019.

Sparks-Wade is an active campaigner and was a candidate in the 2018 primary for Calumet Township Trustee. She ran for mayor in 2011. Sparks-Wade is serving her first term, elected to the city council in 2015. Her mayoral bid will leave the 6th District seat open.

Story Posted:01/09/2019

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