Mayor McDermott welcomes AT&T to Hammond

AT&T opens new entertainment concept store in Hammond

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Store designed for customer comfort and service

At Hammond’s new AT&T store, customers won’t be waiting behind a sales counter for service. Because, the store staffs at least 7 to 10 customer service representatives with tablets on their hips to assist customers in browsing or buying.

Giant flat screen televisions tell you entertainment drives this store. It’s the place for DirectTV, UVerseTV, video streaming devices, virtual reality glasses, tablets or smartwatches that work with a smartphone. The store showcases wireless, video and broadband working together.

Customers buying an Apple, Samsung, or LG phone here just might want to add entertainment options or headphones.

Bar-height tables and chairs, and modular seating were designed for customer comfort, said AT&T’s Tamara Rader. “We know selecting a phone, plan and sometimes adding TV and home broadband to your list takes longer than grabbing a shirt off the rack. So we added comfortable areas where customers and our reps can work together.”

“This is a completely mobile store. A service desk isn’t needed; we come to the customer,” said Leon Wells. “We’re here to fix your problems and issues; come see us.”

Rader said in the last year alone, video traffic on their network grew over 75%.

Last week, Mayor Tom McDermott came in for a ribbon cutting, welcoming AT&T’s first store to Hammond. “This is a gorgeous store, the kind you see in downtown Chicago. You’re going to do great business here.”

Located on Indianapolis Blvd., across from Walmart, the mayor said the store will get visitors from Indiana, Illinois and around the nation. The mayor added, “They’re going to go across the street and then come over here.”

AT&T introduced its entertainment stores last year.

(L-r) AT&T’s Don Darby and Gerald Denicola, Mayor McDermott, and AT&T’s Richard Leveritt

Customer service staff Laniesha Carmichael, Steven Lares, and Jeremiah Dopp

Story Posted:10/29/2018

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