Every child needs books of their own

Every child should have books of their very own

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Ascension Book Cafe aims to get at least 300 books into the hands of nearly 100 kids

Teachers from every school work with children who read below their grade level. Their jobs would be easier if kids have their own books at home so they could practice reading. “When books catalogs are passed around for kids to purchase books, their families cannot afford the extra expense. While they could go to the library, there is something about owning your own books,” said Rev. John Albers, administrator at Ascension Lutheran School in Gary.

On Sunday, May 20, the Ascension Book Café aims to get at least 300 books into the hands of nearly 100 kids from the community. Children in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade from any school are invited to the café which will be held 1 to 4 p.m., Sunday, May 20 at Ascension Lutheran Christian School, 1150 W. 49th Ave.

Books of every kind will be on display and ready for the children. Parents and grandparents can bring their children for just a few minutes, or spend lots of time exploring the books, reading with their children and the volunteers.

While representatives from the school will be on hand to answer questions about Ascension and its plans for the next year, children and their families from any school in the area are welcome to participate in the Ascension Book Café.

For more information contact John Albers, (219) 887-5031 or jalbers@ascensionlutheranschool.org.

Story Posted:05/14/2018

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