Ford Expedition and Hyundai Sonata accident on Cline Avenue ramp to I-80/94

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A safety tip and 'when do vehicle accidents happen' from the Indiana State Police

A tip from the Indiana State Police: “The safest place to be after a crash is anywhere but on or near traffic lanes on the interstate. Stay inside your vehicle! It offers the most protection.”

That message was broadcast in early March after a state trooper and two motorists were hit by a driver who lost control of her vehicle on a Cline Avenue ramp. The injuries were minor in that incident, but a week earlier, two men died standing outside of their vehicle after it crashed on the Borman Expressway.

Our corner of northwest Indiana is the crossroads of North America. That’s what the signs say along the Indiana Toll Road, Interstates 80/94 and Interstate 65. The combined density of traffic along those routes is among the highest in the nation.

With traffic accidents a fact of life, the state police have created the “Indiana Daily Crash Prediction” website. It’s a map to help Indiana drivers know their surroundings, especially important to those who live or travel in high traffic areas.

It isn’t a traffic congestion tool. Depending on their location, destination, and time of travel, the map shows the user the likelihood of an accident and history of accidents along a route. Accident risks are shown to increase when roads are slick or icy.

Map indicators tell if an accident resulted in property damages, injuries, and fatalities.

According to the ISP, the Daily Crash Prediction map allows for proactive policing approaches, targeted towards a reduction in crashes and fatalities. Data from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) indicates a reduction of 1 percent of all crashes could result in savings of up to 35 million dollars per year for Indiana travelers.

The Daily Crash Prediction site is at

Ford Expedition and Hyundai Sonata accident on Cline Avenue ramp to I-80/94

Story Posted:03/13/2018

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