Security camera shows robbery suspect

White Castle robbery suspect nabbed

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Good investigative skills combined with technology led to quick apprehension and charges

Hammond Police have in custody a suspect charged with robbing the White Castle restaurant in south Hammond.

Lt. Steve Kellogg, public information officer for Hammond Police, said the robbery occurred just after noon on November 21. The suspect, a female, walked up to the White Castle’s drive-thru window and robbed the restaurant at gunpoint. The suspect fled the area in her vehicle.

Hammond's Blue Net license plate reader system (LPR) helped catch the robbery suspect even though her vehicle was without a license plate.

“And it's not just the technology. It's the Hammond Police officers who have taken great initiative to be creative with the technology. So creative that they didn’t even need a license plate to locate a suspect vehicle,” Kellogg said.

The vehicle information was immediately shared with officers and a detective with the Hammond Gang Unit went to work searching the database for the vehicle that was captured by security cameras.

“Within an hour, he had located the suspect vehicle in the LPR system. From there, detectives did outstanding work locating the suspect and within 7 hours of the robbery, the suspect was in custody. The name of the suspect is being held pending forthcoming charges,” he said.

"This is another example of how the investigation skills of our detectives combine perfectly with innovative technology. The result is success," explained Hammond Police Chief John Doughty. "And the message should be clear: If you come to our city to commit crime, we are going to find you."

Story Posted:11/24/2017

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