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LaShun Taylor and her frozen grapes crunch

Z's Bakery is back in Gary

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Finding ways to grow the business in spite of the pandemic

What's been harder to find than a black-owned gas station in Gary? It's got to be a black-owned bakery.

That changed, when the pandemic closed Z's Shakes & Cakes' store in Merrillville and Lashun Taylor moved her bakery back to Gary in September to regroup.

And she thinks it's a good thing. "I'm moving back to Gary at the right time. Gary is coming back," Taylor said. Her store at 1215 Broadway sits amidst one of the few intact blocks along Gary's main street north of the interstate.

Four blocks north, evidence of Gary's attempts to come back are the demolitions of buildings in two blocks in the downtown section. Downtown Gary used to be Lake County's shopping destination.

Taylor said she's fortunate because many of the businesses near her previous store haven't reopened.

Gary has provided lower rents and she's found new customers that will help her business grow.

"We try to listen to what customers want. Neighbors in the senior citizen hi-rises like our Soul Food Sunday dinners and Seafood Boils. They want to see it every day," Taylor said.

Z's will make that happen starting January 1. "We're heading in the direction of operating a bakery and a cafe with take-out heat and serve meals," Taylor said. All dinners and 2 sides start at $10.00.

All of the bakery’s holiday cake orders for December have been filled. Taylor said the bakery had been so busy that holiday cake orders for December were closed on December 1st.

Hours are 11am to 7pm Monday through Saturday, and noon to 5pm on Sunday.

Z’s Bakery at 1215 Broadway, Gary

Story Posted:12/22/2020

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