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Anthony Broadnax, center and Carmelita Perry, right

Guy & Allen owner concerned for young teens charged in her dad's murder

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Prosecutor wants to try them as adults

"It's just in her DNA. That family cares about children," Anthony Broadnax said about the concern his cousin Carmelita Perry has for the two boys charged with the murder of her father, Wallace Broadnax.

At a Tuesday afternoon press conference held near the site of the gas station where Broadnax died, Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter said his office has filed 4 counts of felony armed robbery and murder, each, against Antonio Myleak Terrell, age 14 and Tyjuan Jefferson, age 15.

The charges are included in petitions for delinquency filed by the prosecutor. Carter said both teens have been verified as delinquents and his office is seeking approval to charge them as adults. Because of the seriousness of the charges, Carter said a Lake County judge okayed making the complaints public. "It will take a couple of weeks before the waiver to adult court is approved," he said.

Both boys were arrested in Terrell's home on June 27th, one day after the Saturday, June 26th homicide of Broadnax at the Clark Gas Station, 2295 Grant. Terrell's home is just a few blocks away.

The gas station’s security cameras showed Broadnax entering the gas station. The gas station attendant said Broadnax often came to his store to pick up the daily paper and to get gas for the funeral home vehicles.

The teens approached Broadnax as he returned to his vehicle, one with a gun. A few seconds later, he was shot.

Perry, co-owner of Guy & Allen Funeral Directors, thanked the city and law enforcement agencies for their investigation and work in capturing the suspects, but was also in anguish about the circumstances and outcomes.

"This is on us, the community. What are we doing as a community, as citizens that is wrong? Are we holding the parents responsible? That is neglect," Perry said. "Somebody left 14-year-olds to fend for themselves."

"What happened for these kids to have guns and kill my father?" Perry asked. "Where were their parents? It's a dereliction of duty – the people responsible for them not to be there with their children."

According to the delinquency petitions, one of the boys is from Chicago and is under the custody and control of the Illinois Dept. of Child Services. The second boy lives in Gary with both parents.

"We all have to stand up and do more to help these kids. It’s not the only case, the only kids. Are parents being talked to? There are bad parents. We need to look at this aspect as a community, as parents," Perry said.

Gary Mayor Jerome Prince called it a painful day in the city of "senseless violent acts that changed the lives of the Broadnax family forever and the lives of the families of the young suspects."

For the safety of the public and welfare of the employees, Mayor Prince has introduced the Wallace Broadnax Amendment to City Ordinance 8831 governing gas stations and convenience stores.

Ordinance 8831 currently requires security cameras for certain businesses operating between 10pm and 6am.

The amendment requires an armed security guard, from dusk to dawn, at those businesses and a 24-hour armed security guard at those businesses and other establishments with a history – within the last 18 months – of violent crime.

Story Posted:07/07/2021

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