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NB 1006 defines "chokehold" and prohibits the use of a chokehold under certain circumstances.

Indiana Senate approves HB 1006 police reform bill

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Restrictions on chokeholds and requirements for body cameras for police officers

Restrictions on the use of chokeholds and requirements for the use of body cameras by Indiana law enforcement officers are parts of a police reform bill approved in the Indiana Senate this week. HB 1006 also calls for de-escalation training for police officers. If signed by the governor, the bill will be in effect July 1, 2021.

HB 1006 requires the Indiana law enforcement training board to establish mandatory training in de-escalation as part of the use-of-force curriculum, and requires de-escalation training to be provided as a part of: (1) pre-basic training; (2) mandatory inservice training; and (3) the executive training program.

The legislation establishes a procedure to allow the Indiana law enforcement training board to decertify an officer who has committed misconduct. It defines "chokehold" and prohibits the use of a chokehold under certain circumstances.

The bill passed Tuesday with unanimous support in the Senate. The proposal was an Indiana Black Legislative Caucus priority item this session.

“I’m extremely pleased with the advancement of this bill and the overwhelming bipartisan support it has received,” Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Eddie Melton (D-Gary) said.

“HB 1006 was drafted directly from the demands of Hoosiers and was a priority for the IBLC this year. Last year, we saw a series of racially charged incidents where law enforcement officers engaged in improper and harmful behavior towards members of the Black community. Following the events and protests of last year, we knew that this was the year to see progress in addressing some of the issues in our criminal justice system." Sen. Melton said.

The bill specifies that a law enforcement officer who turns off a body worn camera with the intent to conceal a criminal act commits a Class A misdemeanor.

The bill requires an agency hiring a law enforcement officer to request the officer's employment record and certain other information from previous employing agencies. It requires the previous employing agency to provide certain employment information upon request, and provides immunity for disclosure of the employment records.

The bill includes funding to the Indiana law enforcement training academy for making capital improvements.

Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) said, “This is a win for the IBLC, Senate Democrats, Hoosiers and Indiana as a whole. This summer, the IBLC met with thousands of residents, activists and law enforcement officers across the state to hear their thoughts on police reform, and the provisions included in HB 1006 were overwhelmingly supported."

Story Posted:03/18/2021

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