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Dinahlynn Biggs (with microphone) and kids from the first camp

Free Kids Radio/TV Summer Camp is back

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Dinahlynn Biggs and friends invite kids into the studio

Unique in its offering, the Free Kids Radio/TV Summer Camp “…is designed to inspire kids to visualize that there are many career paths waiting to be discovered right here in their hometown” says radio personality Dinahlynn Biggs,

And that’s coming straight from someone who knows. Dinahlynn learned the craft in Gary, under the guidance of the great deejay and music producer Vivian Carter, and deejay Jim Raggs ‘The Ragman.’

Biggs and her friends from the wide worlds of music and the media are hosting the camp, a day of workshops and performances that will give the kids an up close look at what happens in the studio on the production and performance sides, when the microphones are on and the cameras are rolling. The camp will also give them a look at video production and news reporting.

Last year, Chicago recording artist TL Williams with Chi-Sound Record label owners were on hand for the kids.

“Band members from Enchantment and the Dramatics horn section will be here to talk about musical instruments. All I had to do was ask and local businesses offered their services,” Biggs said.

Quiana Thomas, owner of the Hiding Place Banquet Hall donated the 300-plus seating facility for the camp. T-shirts for the camp were donated by fashion designer Crème De Lee Crème.

Biggs was recruited by Carter and Raggs after graduating from IU Northwest to host the night shift on WWCA Radio. That broadcast platform launched her career. Today, the internet is her platform on Chicago’s WOSD Radio and the world is her audience. She is also an event promoter and artist representative.

Biggs is often asked to speak to young audiences. “One of the things I tell them is ‘never quit.’” She also tells them about her years at Douglas Elementary School, a kid who stuttered. Shy about the way she spoke, she wouldn’t talk and teachers thought she couldn’t read.

“I was headed for special education classes, but lots of hard work with my mom at home prevented that,” Biggs said. In high school, her speech and dance teachers were great motivators.

Parents can sign up children ages 5-15 by phone (317) 384-5728 or email: or with the Inbox on The Dinahlynn Biggs Radio Show Page on Facebook. Include childrens names, ages, and parent’s phone numbers.

Lunch will be served with trophies and gifts for the kids. Parents are welcome to attend, but slots are limited.

The camp is Saturday, August 17, noon to 5 p.m. at The Hiding Place, 4966 Broadway, Gary.

Last year, Chicago recording artist TL Williams with Chi-Sound Record label owners were on hand for the kids.

Story Posted:08/02/2019

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