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Garry Lee Higgins

2 arrested but only one charged in Xbox death

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Charges filed in death of 16-year-old Johnny Peluyera trying to sell his Xbox

The affidavit charging 17-year-old Garry Lee Higgins with attempted armed robbery and murder complies with a new Indiana state law that took effect July 1. One of the provisions of Senate Enrolled Act 551 protects the identity of victims. Victims in criminal cases will no longer be identified by initials in court documents; instead, the documents will use the word “Victim” followed by a number.

Victim 1’s name and the events leading to his death, in connection with the sale of an Xbox, have been well known since the night of June 12 when Gary police responded to a call for service in the 5000 block of Maryland.

When Gary Police arrived on the scene, they found a vehicle in the middle of the intersection of 51st Avenue and Maryland. On the passenger side, officers saw a man laying across the front seat armrest with his legs extending outside the car.

According to the charging document, Johnny Peluyera, the driver of the vehicle said the passenger was his 16-year-old son, Johnny Peluyera, Jr. and he had been shot. The father told police officers he had driven his son to a Maryland street address to sell his Xbox. There, they met 2 men. The father said the buyers wanted to test the game box to see if it worked.

The father watched as the 2 men and his son tried an outside electrical outlet on a house. An occupant of the house came out and the three went to a second house. At the second house, the father said he saw one of the men pull out a gun and his son started running. That’s when his son was shot.

Using the younger Peluyera’s cell phone, investigators found conversations he had with 2 men through the on-line OfferUp application that connects buyers and sellers.

The conversations were with Higgins and Dezman Dukes on June 12. The affidavit states Higgins and Dukes met the Peluyeras on Maryland Street. Dukes has not been charged in the younger Peluyera’s death.

Story Posted:07/06/2019

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