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Jennifer McCormick and Eddie Melton

Indiana Supt. of Education McCormick joins Melton on listening tour

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State GOP chair asks if McCormick still a Republican

Indianapolis, IN. — State Senator Eddie Melton announced that Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jennifer McCormick will be joining Senator Melton on his statewide listening tour and participating in his "Hoosier Community Conversations” town halls to discuss the state of education in Indiana.

Indiana’s Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer released a statement following the announcements.

"Today's announcement seems to confirm the rumors of the last few weeks: that Jennifer McCormick is auditioning for a new job – including as the lieutenant governor nominee on the Democrat ticket in 2020. After being on stage at our Republican Conventions in 2016 and 2018, running on GOP ideals in 2016 and accepting campaign aid from thousands of Republican Party supporters across the state, it begs the question whether Jennifer McCormick is still a Republican. I'm sure someone will ask her that soon."

In June, Melton announced the formation of a gubernatorial exploratory committee. He has been holding town halls to listen to the priorities of Hoosiers as he discusses the need to invest in education, create economic opportunity, raise the minimum wage, and restore faith in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“I am excited that Dr. McCormick will be joining our Hoosier Community Conversations and sharing her expertise and passion about education across the state with me," said Melton. "It is an honor to share this platform with Dr. McCormick, who has been an advocate for Indiana’s students and families.”

“Indiana needs more state-wide leaders who value the voices of practitioners and community stakeholders, as demonstrated by Sen. Eddie Melton,” said Dr. Jennifer McCormick. “As State Superintendent of Public Instruction, I am optimistic that a potential 2020 gubernatorial candidate has the foresight and the willingness to elevate educational issues and work collaboratively. This next election will direct the future of our state for generations to come. Decisions regarding the education of our children must be at the very heart of that future.”

Dr. McCormick has been a secondary special education and language arts teacher, elementary principal, assistant superintendent, and served as state superintendent for seven and a half years.

Melton said, “The office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction was abolished as a democratically elected position this year by Governor Eric Holcomb and the Republican supermajority in the state legislature. The resulting effect is that politicians, not Hoosier parents, now decide who develops Indiana’s education policies.”

Story Posted:07/02/2019

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