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State Senator Melton testing waters for governor’s race

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Says only Democrats can bring Indiana into the 21st century

With chants of “I’m ready for Eddie” ringing out in the packed Gary Teachers Union hall, they were welcome sounds to State Senator Eddie Melton who is stoking the fires for a run in the 2020 Indiana governor’s race.

Tuesday night, Melton was at the union hall announcing he had formed an exploratory committee for governor. Gary was his first stop in a tour that will take him across the state with the message that “Indiana can do better.”

Once you get politics out of the way, we all want the same thing said Melton, a champion for teachers’ demands for pay raises, increasing the minimum wage, better resources for veterans and the mentally ill.

“I’ve watched him in the halls of power in Indianapolis, in soup kitchens. He has that charisma to get things done,” North Township Trustee Frank Mrvan, Jr. said in his introduction of Melton. “The most difficult piece of gambling legislation Indiana has ever seen started with Sen. Melton.”

Melton co-authored bipartisan legislation that will repurpose Gary’s lakefront as a North American inter-modal hub, allowing for the relocation of Gary’s two Majestic Star Casinos licenses. One of the licenses will go to a site along the Borman Expressway (I-80/94) and the other is a provisional allowance of the second license to go to Terre Haute. “This will yield millions in new tax revenues and advance thousands of new jobs across the state,” Melton said.

“This announcement is not about me seeking a higher office,” Melton said.“This is a call to refocus on inclusive policies that reflect the voice of every Hoosier, not just a select few. This is about Indiana investing in a better future for ourselves and for our children. Only Democrats can take Indiana into the 21st century.”

Melton is starting now so he can get it done before the year is out, said Sen. Lonnie Randolph. Both are up for re-election next year.

Mike Suggs, an early supporter of Melton and his co-worker at NIPSCO said, “Eddie is an excellent example of what leadership looks like and I’m supporting him 110%.”

Another supporter from the beginning, Dawn Darceneaux said, “He has exceeded my expectations. I’m proud of him.”

Melton became the 3rd District Senator in 2016, succeeding Sen. Earline Rogers who decided not to seek re-election.

Story Posted:06/06/2019

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